Prog Gnosis

Single Helix


Rik Loveridge


Rik wrote all the tracks, played all the instruments and vocals, unless otherwise stated. Rik is an ex-member of The Kentish Spires.

Nick Fletcher


Hugely talented, Nick plays a range of guitars, styles and genres yet retains a signature 'sound'. He can play clean or dirty and anything in between. Nick is also great company and a key member of the John Hackett band.

Chris Egan

Sax and Akai EWI

Musicality just flows from Chris whatever the genre. The positivity he brings is infectious and so welcome. Chris is a member of the fabulous Nuadha jazz quartet and The Kentish Spires.

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In 2021 Rik received a diagnosis of Parkinsons. The only proper responses were a little cry and a new album ('Prog Gnosis').

The album is drenched in the spirit of Prog (Progressive rock) but also explores other genres whilst remaining musically inventive (says Rik)!

For a preview teaser, click Album Teaser

He envisaged some stunning guitar and sax elements so enlisted the help of friends Nick Fletcher (John Hackett band) and Chris Egan (The Kentish Spires and Nuadha).

He also saw the need to work with talented audio engineers... cue Paul Cobbold (ex-Rockfield) and David Pickering Pick (FFG studio) on mixing and mastering duties.
Oh, and granddaughter Willow aged 1

Something good shall arise from this dark time!

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